“I started the practice of Yoga about 3 months ago. Prior to this I took Advil or Aleve every day. I am an avid golfer at the Mohawk Club with an 11 handicap. I have dealt with considerable hip and back pain for the last 12 years especially on the golf course. This year I increased my pain medication to Prescription Naproxen. The pain killers masked the pain and allowed me to endure a round of golf.

Since Yoga at E Studio I no longer take pain medication, every day. On a recent golf trip to Florida I took 3 Advil the first day two Advil the second day. I was able to golf 36 holes on 2 Advil. That would be impossible without Yoga. I golfed five days straight. My back no longer dictates how long I stay on the course.

I enjoy working with ALL the instructors at Estudio. I feel very comfortable with their style and Yoga Way. They are very helpful and caring. I really enjoy the classes. No longer am I so self conscious that I can’t keep up with my neighbors on the mat. I am gaining flexibility, relaxation and peace of mind through the awesome practice of Yoga. I’m really looking to try more classes and build to better health. Mind, body and spirit is what Yoga brings together for me.”

Steve Hoffman

I’ve been religiously coming to Estudio for less than a year, but I just wanted to express how much I enjoy attending ANY and ALL types of classes at your studio.

All of the instructors are absolutely fabulous! They are personable, kind-hearted, inspiring (I could go on here), who really get to know their students. I know that no matter who is teaching a class, I will get my “butt kicked;” having fun in the process. I can honestly say that your instructors provide THE best and most challenging classes in the capital region. I’ve taken yoga and barre classes elsewhere, several different times; none compare to the classes offered at Estudio. Hands down, Estudio is the best!

This is a little personal but…I was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal disorder over 10 years ago. Nothing really has cured or helped improved my situation. I can honestly say that yoga has been my saving grace. It helps alleviate any pain or discomfort I am feeling. I know that if I’m having a bad day, coming to a class at Estudio will help me feel better both physically and mentally. It has helped me in ways you could not imagine.

I just wanted to give a special THANK YOU to you and your instructors for not only offering the most challenging and enjoyable classes in the capital region, but for helping me, personally, in ways modern science could not.



“While I just started Yoga and I am no expert, I have tried a few other studios. There is no other studio where I feel a family vibe like I do at estudio. So thank you for that. I truly love all of your instructors, classes and even the members. It’s so nice to feel so welcome and accepted no matter where you are in your yoga practice. I believe this must stem from the owner.”

Thank you!!