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Have you always wanted to try Yoga but where nervous? Have you tried a few classes and feel like your breathing isn’t quite right or just want some more instruction? Have you been taking Yoga for sometime but still feel getting back to basics might be a good thing? Then this four week workshop is for you!! Come join William Jojo on Saturdays January 28, February 4, 11, & 18 from 11am to 1230pm. This entire workshop is just $49! Here is what will be covered:
Beginner Yoga Workshop (6 hours)

Week 1 – Breath and Movement (1.5 hours)

This session focuses on the breath and learning to move with the breath such that movement begins and ends with the breath. Understanding and listening to the body is the primary goal.

Week 2 – Drishti and Focus (1.5 hours)

As we move, we can be easily distracted. This session is dedicated to understanding gaze as a focal point to our practice when holding postures for long periods of time.

Week 3 – Bandhas and Balance (1.5 hours)

Bandhas are the body locks. These are used to help literally pull the body together to provide more stability and less motion, especially when we are working with balance poses.

Week 4 – Putting it all Together (1.5 hours)

In the final session we work on putting all of the pieces together to take what we have learned and apply it to our personal practice.

Please sign up early as space is limited. To sign up please email Angela at estudioloveshotyoga@gmail or by calling 518-429-9192