Welcome to Estudio Hot Yoga & Barre Fitness. As the first Hot Yoga Studio to open in the capital district in 2007, Estudio continues to thrive 8 years later in its Loudonville, NY, location. Our pleasant atmosphere, newly remodeled studio, and the capital districts most talented instructors make Estudio the perfect place to practice Hot Yoga & Barre Fitness. With over 35 classes per week from beginner to advanced you will be sure to find the classes right for you! Below please find some additional information about Estudio as well as helpful hints for beginners or if your new to Estudio!

  • Estudio offers affordable packages as well as a discount to students and community care professionals. Please view our pricing page for info.
  • Estudio is open 15 minutes before and after each class. Studio doors are locked while classes are in session.
  • Estudio offers a reliable class schedule. Please like us onFacebook and be sure to check this site for additional class information, workshops, and Master Classes.
  • Most of Estudio’s classes are taught in 85-90 degree heat settings. Barre fitness classes are not “hot” but be ready to sweat! Wear loose comfortable clothing to both classes. No shoes are allowed in the studio but grippy socks can be purchases in the reception area if you choose to wear them.
  • You can sign up for classes online through this website OR through our Mobil App available in the App Store, our App can be found by typing in E (space) Studio
  • If you would like a tour of the studio or have additional quesitons please contact Angela at estudioloveshotyoga@gmail.com.